Depth and Dimension

The month-long brutal heat wave is slowly subsiding. Before I know it, I'll need more layers than a silk dress and a white T-shirt.

Another change in season, another wave of nostalgia.

I often relate ideas, memories, emotions and experiences to seasons. Summer 2016 is all about new dimensions of who I am. There's a significant difference between liking the idea of having depth and actually having substance as well as liking the idea of being good and the actual act of doing it.

In a recent interview about my nomination for the Bloglovin' Awards, I was asked, "what do you want to continue to be to your viewers as you continue to grow as a blogger?"

There are a handful of individuals that I look up to and inspire me everyday that continuously do amazing good things to the world and the people in it. But yet, it dawned on me how much social media is the driving force of false self-presentations. This year isn't over yet but it has been one hell of a year for the books when it comes to issues and problems in the world. And so often, we only "care" about social injustice when we receive instant gratification that positively affect the way we are viewed. I think it is agreeable to say that we like to be seen as benevolent, charitable and compassionate. Now this isn't a critique of the blogging world but a thought that challenges me as a blogger.

My answer to the interviewer's question was to stay true and to inspire. 

With the amount of bloggers she has interviewed, she said this is an answer she receives often.

It could be said that the blogging world is saturated. This is a challenge to me and other influencers that do want to leave a mark but has been defined by a culture of narcissism and obsession with self-image. Perhaps it prompts a question of why do we actually want to have substance and why do we do good? 

To less captions about the changes we need and to power off and create it.

Summer 2016 has been filled with realizations and it is a dimension of who I am. 

In Collaboration with Jump From Paper.
Featuring the Black Stripe Backpack.
Photography by Jason Payas.