Spring Forward, They Said

Aside from recently spending a week in sunny Miami, Florida immersed in sunlight, sand and sea breeze, the month of March was also spent craving some sort of inspiration and drive for creativity and thought. 

The First Day of Spring had officially passed and this season is moving backwards in temperatures rather than forward. Weeks into this month and posts lived in my drafts rather than in the face of the public. 
I admit I have just been so uninspired and unmotivated lately. While I have been ignoring all blogging responsibilities in this space, I had time to watch films, old and new.

I realized how women are portrayed in movies. The heroines of modern day cinema are those who in only less than two hours can have an overarching transformation from an awkward girl to a poised lady with an upgraded wardrobe, threaded eyebrows, and a hair blowout.

Obviously, damsel in distress have always been part of romance stories. But I always found these hopeless romantic endings (particular the ones where Juliet melts into Romeo's arms with her neck snapped back for a kiss) to be too much and overdramatized. It's comical how movies seemingly create this template on how to be a successful woman. In reality, there is no right or wrong definition to success. No matter how much I preach about never settling, sometimes knowing you've done your best is enough. Success is what comes after doing your best and hardest in any situation.

The truth is, there is no template. There is no tutorial.

It's okay to not be as consistent on the blogosphere as you wish to be. It's okay to draft posts for months and blame writer's block. It's okay to pay for a monthly gym membership and barely go. 

Just do you. 

All of this to justify shooting this look in January and only posting it now and confirming to attend two dinner events three hours away from each other.

After you've just had lunch.

And your first coffee of the day.

It's okay. 

Right? Right.

In collaboration with Romwe.
Wearing Burgundy Alien Embroidered Crop Sweatshirt.
Photography by Jason Payas.

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